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Lindsay Sutherland Boal

The Curator Coach 


A diverse work history; a breadth of national and international experience.

Lindsay Sutherland Boal, is the Principal Coach at The Curator Coach, Founder of the national movement SHE WALKS CANADA, the executive responsible for Relationship Development at Urban Outline Building Group, Producer and Host of the video Podcast The COVID Chronicles Canada. She is an ultra-distance athlete and in her early career, an opera singer and actress.

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It starts with you.
Let's begin honing your vision and direction, together.

To Curate

To Curate is to interpret in order to inform, educate, and inspire.

To Coach

To Coach is to inquire in order to
elevate, fulfill and serve.

Silence is golden. That is what I learned from Lindsay. I learned how powerful silence can be. Through the silence I've become more aware of my breath and the power of the exhale. I've learned to actively listen to myself. She allowed me the space to breathe and release the negative thoughts as I made the journey from my head to my heart. I have given myself the permission to feel, forgive and be kind with myself. Her questions challenged me to dig deeper into the roots of myself and helped me provide that self-love and self-compassion that we all need in our lives. Through her coaching she has helped me become more aware of anchoring my values with pretty much every decision I make in my life. My favorite question from Lindsay, "What does your heart say?" My heart is full. Thank you.

LSB, you are awesome! Thank you for your continued support and I will see you on the other side!

Jason Cornillez

San Jose, CA, USA

Lindsay created a safe space for me to open up and guided me into a better understanding on what actually is important for me and how I pursue that. Lindsay listened, challenged my thoughts and helped me to believe more in me and my abilities!


London, UK


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