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The Curator Coach

We were given our vision for a reason. 

We have a vision of ourselves. Unique to us where we are driven. We are impactful. We are powerful beyond measure.

Our Visionary Voice is telling us something: The time is now.

Like a curator in a museum,  you are the specialist of your experience, your gifts, your vision and the contribution you make to the world.


I will help you formulate a clear path from where you are to where you want to be. 

Together we collect, excavate, and explore the significant pieces of your life to formulate your life's exhibition. 

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First Things First.

Let's meet. You and me. Together we'll discuss where you are at, where you want to be and why it's important. We will structure a plan around your vision.

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Curator Method

I do three things. You do three things. We do three things.


I listen. I formulate specific thought-provoking questions. I challenge your current belief system.


You come prepared to be honest about how you want to feel. You allow yourself the space to want what you want without judgment. You are willing to do the work.


We collect all the information revealed. We formulate a concrete version of your vision. We formulate a step-by-step action plan from where you are currently to where you want to be.

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Why Coaching?

There are four ways we seek guidance. We speak with a therapist: “What has happened?”. We speak with a mentor: “Where could I go?”. We speak with a consultant: “What can be taken off my plate?”. Coaching is the transformative process that happens in the moment “What am I going to do about it?”.  We don’t need to know the answers to any of the other questions.

Lindsay Sutherland Boal Coach

About Lindsay

Lindsay brings to her diverse work history a breadth of national and international experience.

Lindsay Sutherland Boal, is the Principal Coach at The Curator Coach,  Founder of the national movement SHE WALKS CANADA, executive responsible for Relationship Development at Urban Outline Building Group, Producer and Host of the video Podcast The COVID Chronicles Canada. She is an ultra-distance athlete and in her early career, an opera singer and actress.

Align who you are with what you want.

Guilt free.

It's YOUR Time

Empowerment & Clarity Coaching

It's YOUR Time

Empowerment & Clarity Coaching

Align who you are with what you want.

Guilt free.

Empowerment Coaching

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